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Why We Serve You

Many of the foremost experts in business and leadership say the same thing: success in the marketplace is a team game.  We believe in that principle.  It is virtually impossible to be the best in the marketplace in a particular niche, category, etc., with one sole leader doing everything.  Instead, it takes a talented team to achieve greatness – in business and in life.

We started Coach John Harris because we experienced transformational opportunities with some of the best business experts in the world.  Working with highly successful entrepreneurs, executives and influencers, we were able to fully experience and understand how they became successful and how they were able to sustain that success.  

And now we want to share our experience, expertise, and gathered resources with you.

Success isn’t impossible.  It’s not unreachable, either.  When you have the right resources and the right people surrounding you, success will follow if you make the right decisions.  That’s why we walk with you as you achieve your dreams.

Let’s get started. 

Brief Resume for
“Coach” John Harris

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Human Development from Arizona State University
  • Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Liberty University
  • Entrepreneur for over 30 years
  • Certified Coach for Clifton StrengthsFinder
  • Multiple certifications for key business and management resources
  • Current Board member for multiple businesses
  • Founding Board member for multiple non-profit organizations
  • Successful high school sports coach and athletic director
  • Active leadership in businesses and organizations all over the world

Why Should Any of
This Matter to You?

It only matters if John and our team serve you with excellence.

If you’re reading this content, it’s because you’re doing your research.  We understand and we want to honor you for doing the necessary homework.  In response, let’s talk about what we do and how we do it as we serve our clients. 
Our team focuses on practical expertise and effective resources.  Although we have access to psychology experts – one of which helped build one of the recommended assessments – we have consistently found that applied understanding of psychology is more effective for you than theoretical principles.  An assessment may be impressive to psychologists, but we’re only impressed when it creates powerful results for leaders in the marketplace.  That’s why we pursue the results – not just the ideas.  If you don’t need the assessments, we don’t recommend them to you.  
We also understand that the right fit for you, and for your team, are both highly important.  That’s why you need to ask the pertinent questions and get the best answers.  The process of transformation is just as important as the end result.  That means that we want to earn your trust from the start, and to gain the greatest results as we walk through the process.
Talking about the process . . . we have plenty of resources, but we don’t implement a standardized, “one size fits all” approach when it comes to you.  Instead, we customize your experience so that you get the best and greatest results.  Does it take more time to build the strategy?  Of course it does, but it also means that you get all you need for what we need to do together.  


Do you work on strategic planning?

Yes, we absolutely work on strategic planning with our clients.  Our offered resources complement our strategic planning, which is what we do all the time.  In fact, John’s #1 skill/ability/passion – which is verified by his CliftonStrengths profile – is strategy.  

Could you help us build an effective team?

Absolutely!  We have extensive experience with recruiting, attracting, gathering and training effective leadership teams.  By fully implementing the right assessment tools, we can figure out the right people “on the bus” as Jim Collins explains in Good to Great.  We also work with teams on how to communicate better and understand everyone’s roles and contributions for the organization as well.  

I feel like I'm stuck and I can't gain any traction - can you help?

If you’ve been a business executive or an organization’s leader for a while, you’ve faced those times where you haven’t been able to gain success at the rate you wanted.   This is an area where we can provide you the help and motivation you need to rise above the circumstances and experience the success you deserve.  Not only do we understand the dilemmas, we also understand how to get out of a difficult stalled situation.   

John L. Harris

we serve you because we want for you to succeed

Ready to Get Started?

It’s time for you to experience the transformation to excellence.

Disclaimer: While we have certified life coaches and consultants on our team, we are not licensed for the following professional roles: psychologist, clinician, counselor, therapist, or medical doctor. Anything which we may recommend or offer should not be considered medical or psychiatric advice.  Our coaching or mentorship is never a replacement for proper therapy.  Please consult with a trained professional if you need or seek psychotherapy or medical help.  Although we always anticipate transformational results for our clients, we assume no liability for the services we provide, or the resources we offer.