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The DiSC assessment is a simple, yet popular model which measures tendencies and personal preferences for individuals.   
Many businesses and organizations use the DiSC assessment, especially those who are in the non-profit and faith-based fields.  

What You’ll Learn

  • You’ll deepen your self-understanding as you understand others’ styles
  • You will gain insights into your own preferences and tendencies
  • It will provide you a foundational environment to learn more about yourself and others

Why We Recommend
This Assessment

It's a widely-used and common assessment.

For many organizations, the DiSC assessment is the “go-to” personality assessment.  It’s been implemented for years and understood by most HR professionals and directors.  It’s not unusual for job applicants to be asked, “what is your DiSC profile?”

It's a widely-shared platform among leaders and executives.

Most seasoned leaders and professionals know their DiSC profile.  They also use their DiSC profile to “match” and contrast other leaders who are at a gathering.  Many leaders also determine compatibility when it comes to hiring their executive teams by determining their candidates’ DiSC profile.    

The results are easy to understand and share with others.

When an individual gets his or her DiSC results, it’s fairly self-explanatory how the system works.  With only four major categories, it’s easy to see where someone’s personality fits within the framework.  

This assessment is established-and is not likely to go away.

Global business education vendors, such as Wiley, have invested millions of dollars to promote and distribute the DiSC assessment as well as DiSC-related resources.  Simply put, it’s implemented in hundreds of thousands of organizations around the world as the most familiar personality assessment for the workplace.

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Updated: 1/25/2023

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