Integrative Enneagram

Individual self-Awareness


The Enneagram is an emerging personality assessment that is being widely used in all kinds of environments and communities.  Using a 9-number identifier, the assessment is gaining exposure and use all over the world.    
In various communities, it’s not unusual to hear someone say, “I’m a (fill-in-the-number)” when explaining their tendencies as a way to describe who they are and why they do certain things.   

What You’ll Learn

  • How to identify and change patterns that keep you stuck in life
  • Increase understanding and compassion for others and yourself
  • Find pathways to growth, development and peace
  • Opportunities to increase productivity, effectiveness and motivation
  • Build a stronger personal style of leadership

Why We Recommend
This Assessment

It's an increasingly popular assessment.

In many social circles, the Enneagram “number” is a quick, insightful way to communicate with others about who you are and how you do things.  It tends to provide insights to others around you in a simple number – and it helps create compatibility in teams. 

This Enneagram assessment is uniquely comprehensive.

There are many Enneagram assessments on the market, including some which are offered for free.  Additionally, it’s very easy to find a chart or short set of questions which guarantee accurate results for your Enneagram number.  Unfortunately, these assessments are not thorough, which means that the results are most likely to be inaccurate.  The Integrative Enneagram Solutions assessment is quite comprehensive and very accurate.  That’s why we endorse this assessment.

This Enneagram assessment is uniquely comprehensive.

Many Enneagram assessments provide general concepts and insights.  This assessment offered by Integrative Enneagram Solutions, however, is able to “drill down” and provide unique, transformational insights which have a higher likelihood of specific, accurate descriptions of the individual.  Additionally, this assessment offers resources which allow the individual to understand how to interact and work with others who have other “numbers”.    

This assessment is endorsed by Ian Morgan Cron, one of the foremost experts of the Enneagram.

Because the Enneagram is an emerging personality assessment tool in the marketplace, there are only a few experts which teach and explain how the Enneagram is effective in understanding one’s self and how he or she relates to others.  Cron is one of those experts who explains how all of this works in simple, clear language.  

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Updated: 1/25/2023

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