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The Motivation Code Assessment helps you discover your top motivations which “drive deep engagement, satisfaction, and fulfillment in life and work.”  
This assessment will show your motivations, reveal your motivational energy, and even provide understanding for the power of your stories.

What You’ll Learn

  • Which 27 motivational themes are your top ones
  • Which 27 motivational themes are your “shadow side” themes
  • An understanding for how to own your top motivations
  • How to create your own motivational statement
  • A revelation of your own motivational energy

Why We Recommend
This Assessment

Know why you do what you do . . . not just who you are.

When it comes to assessments, many of them will tell you what kind of personality you have.  Having an understanding of your personality is good, but it doesn’t always answer why you do what you do.  This assessment helps you understand what you actively pursue in your everyday life.  More importantly, it reveals what you find satisfying and fulfilling for you.  Even though you may be skilled at something, if it doesn’t “fill your tank,” you’ll find that you will tend to try to do something else.  That’s why this assessment is revealing – because it will show you what will keep your enthusiasm “tank” filled.

The research behind this assessment is significant.

This company researched over 20,000 workers around the world, along with an analysis of over 50 companies and multiple experiments.  

The results reported from this assessment are significant.

Their program increased manager performance by 30.2% and reduced employee turnover by 30%.  

This assessment increases emotional intelligence - for yourself and for those around you.

Because you understand what motivates you and your team, you and everyone around you can make quicker, better decisions, enhance collaboration and create stronger engagement.

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Updated: 1/25/2023

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